Super Jumpy King Released!

Super Jumpy King is a randomly generated infinite jumping game where you jump from platform to platform whilst avoiding various obstacles that fall from above. Play as the mythical Monkey King or unlock a variety of characters with unique powers from the Journey To The West legend and other mythological characters.

Gameplay features:

  • Swipe or tap to move the character.
  • Character auto slides down and auto lands onto platforms below.
  • Two types of obstacles: 'small types' and 'large types'. Small types can be avoided whereas large types cannot but come with a warning.
  • Each character you unlock has a unique power up or attribute such as multiplying all coins collected in a play through or instant boost to reach higher scores quicker. 
  • Power ups run for a finite time and can be reactivated by collecting power up coins.

Play a demo of the game here for free! 

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